No job is too big or too small for us. Call us today for all of you cleaning needs.

A to Z Property Preservation, Inc. provides meticulous commercial cleaning services to North Haven & Danbury, CT business owners. Our janitorial services include...

  • Dusting corners, ceiling edges, window sills, computer monitors, shelves and desks
  • Disinfecting doorknobs and high-touch surfaces during flu season and year round
  • Cleaning up construction debris and cluttered rooms
  • Scrubbing bathroom sinks and toilets
  • Cleaning ceiling and floor grout

Just show us around your property, and tell us how we can help you keep it clean.

Call 800-215-0581 now for a free estimate for office cleaning service.


Thorough cleaning can prevent germs from spreading

Thorough cleaning can prevent germs from spreading

Our team is OSHA-certified in bloodborne pathogens. That's why A to Z Property Preservation is a preferred medical office cleaning service in the North Haven & Danbury, CT area.

In addition to doctor's offices, we can clean restaurantsdaycare facilities, churches, apartment buildings and hospitals. Contact us today to learn more.