Protect Your Floors-Hire a Knowledgeable Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

See our handiwork in the North Haven & Danbury, CT area

You can't use certain commercial floor cleaning products on every surface. Experienced professionals know this, which is why A to Z Property Preservation, Inc. provides customized hard surface and carpet cleaning services to North Haven & Danbury, CT business owners. We can clean your tile, vinyl, linoleum or hardwood floors without damaging them-view our work on the Gallery page.

You can schedule commercial floor cleaning services quarterly, semiannually or as needed. It's up to you. Ask about our cleaning contracts.

Our process is thorough

Our process is thorough

For hard surfaces, we can...

  • Scrub your floors to remove stains and stubborn residue.
  • Buff, sand and polish your floors so they shine.
  • Strip and wax your floors, if needed.

We can also shampoo, scrub and extract debris from carpets.


Contact A to Z Property Preservation today to schedule flooring or carpet cleaning services in the North Haven & Danbury, CT area.